John Brooks

General Manager of Automotive and Aerospace Markets Group
General Manager of Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division of 3M UK PLC.

John Brooks is the former General Manager of both the Automotive and Aerospace Markets Group and the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division of 3M United Kingdom PLC. John has a vast experience of the pressure sensitive tape market and has this to say about TabTech:

“The use of die-cut or converted pressure sensitive tape has been around for decades now and is a proven way to help customers solve manufacturing or design challenges. It is very rare that a brand- new innovation hits the tape market – but TabTech is just that product. It provides a way to easily dispense die-cuts, but crucially it is easily dispensed in a roll format and which incorporates a pull tab within the existing release liner.
Like all great step changes in product design it takes a known concept but pushes it to a new level to provide ways to use die cut tape in an easier, cheaper and accurate format. The reaction from Preston Technical’s customers has been overwhelmingly positive which proves that this design innovation hits the sweet spot from the tape consumer’s perspective.
It is clearly going to take the market by storm and I look forward to the future development of the TabTech product.”