TabTech is a novel design of presenting specific die-cut lengths of double-sided self-adhesive tape in a unique roll form which incorporates a new method of enabling the tape release liner to be removed as an operator assembly aid.

Traditional Presentation


A dispensing system for applying the tape die cut to a component - easily and accurately.

Providing an easy peel liner tab for assembly operators to remove the protective liner whilst still wearing protective gloves

Enables quick assembly of the taped part in the overall customer manufacturing process which increases efficiency

Significant reduction in manufacturing waste - which has an environmental benefit

Reduced manufacturing process cost which allows for customers to buy die cut tape more competitively

Accuracy and Ease

TabTech meets the customer need for a way to produce narrow dimension tape parts – especially those required in long lengths – accurately and with an easy peel liner tab incorporated into the tape part. For example, the automotive component manufacturing industry is increasingly using double sided tapes which provide both security of fixing and helping to reduce weight.

The challenge is that thinner widths of tape are now required in trim part design. Cutting and dispensing such dimensions of tape is a major process headache for component manufacturers. The types of application would include, for example, fixing exterior and interior trim parts to the vehicle.

Other application areas could include many similar transportation applications – such as marine, trains, aerospace etc, as well as narrow width plastic extruded parts for general manufacturing use.